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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source your equipment? I partner with Bobcat rentals to ensure that I can have the widest range of equipment available for any job that comes my way.  


Do you have employees? I'm generally a one man team but I occasionally subcontract with a few trusted businesses such as Boatright Timber Service to fill in the gaps.


Are you licensed and insured? Yes, we are a limited liability company with a one million dollar liability insurance plan.


Will I need a land survey? For most jobs an updated land survey is needed but it will depend on how close to your property line that we need to work. 


Are you licensed to burn debris? I can pull permits through the Florida Forest Service for pile burns however I am not licensed to do control burns. I am a volunteer firefighter and am currently working through my Fire 1 certification. 


Have you ever dropped a contract? No. I have successfully finished every job that I have started and I am proud to uphold that record. 


Do you charge a fee if a project takes longer than the contract estimates? Unless the contract is edited and services are added to the project I don't charge fees for going over the estimated work period.


They call me the Land Man. I grew up hunting, fishing, and helping with my Poppy's sugar cane plot. I started my first landscaping business at 14 which broadened into land clearing and pond building when I fixed up the family farm after Hurricane Michael in 2019.

Since then it has fully transformed into land management and conservation.

When I'm not out in the field I spend my time working on our cabin and hanging out at Scottish Highland Games with my wife Christa and our daughter Keira.  - Evan Hunter


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